Equipment rent to own for micro-businesses
Do you need equipment for your micro-business but don't have the funds?

We will rent it to you and you can own it within 3 - 12 months of rental.
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N50k – N1m equipment value | Flexible, convenient and 100% secure Increase your profits with our equipment rent to own service

#1 Equipment Rent to own service provider for micro-businesses in Nigeria!


Tell us the equipment that you need to grow your micro-business and we will rent it to you.


Make convenient rental payments to us from the income generated from the equipment.


Flexibly choose to rent the equipment for 3 – 12 months and you can own it at the end of the rental tenor.

Do you need equipment for your micro-business but don’t have the funds? We will rent it to you and you can own it within 3 – 12 months of rental.

What we offer

Solar equipment rent to own

Solar is an environmentally friendly energy source that is helping to reduce global Co2 emission, but it is expensive to purchase upfront.

Our Solar equipment rent to own service gives you the flexibility to rent a complete solar unit that will supply your micro-business with up to 2500W of uninterrupted electricity for up to 15 hours a day at a price cheaper than running a petrol generator.

We partner with reliable suppliers to ensure that your solar unit will last well beyond the transfer of ownership.
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General Equipment rent to own  

Access to state of the art equipment is key for micro-businesses, but poor access to capital makes it difficult to purchase.

We rent a wide range of energy efficient equipment such as industrial sewing machine, freezers, laptops, juicers, grills, printers and much more to enable you to quickly expand your business.

You will own the equipment at the end of the rental tenor. This enables you to grow your business without being committed to a liability.

Customer Testimonials

I have been able to save over N20,000 weekly with Winock Solar.

Alhaja Borno restaurant

Winock's lease to own tailoring equipment has helped me to improve my productivity.

Dan Zari

I am now a proud owner of an energy efficient deep freezer for my frozen food business.

Mrs. Ojewole

    3 Reasons to Choose Winock Today


    You can choose a rental tenor that fits your micro-business’ cashflow.



    You can return the rental equipment at any point during the tenor (Terms and conditions apply).



    Ownership of the rental equipment will be transferred to you at the end of the rental tenor.


    Our Partners

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is rent to own?

    Rent to own is an arrangement that allows you to rent an equipment for a given period of time with the right to own it at the end of the rental period.

    Winock's rent to own service differs from others because you can return the equipment at any period, as long as it is in good condition and there are no outstanding rental payments.

    How much do you charge for your rent to own service?

    We charge a reasonable. margin The amount that you pay depends on the value of the equipment. Please contact us for more information.

    What is the duration of the rent to own tenor?

    You can rent to own the equipment for a minimum of 3 months and maximum of 12 months.

    What equipment do you offer?

    We offer Solar and other types of equipment used by micro-businesses, except generators. 

    What locations do you cover?

    We currently operate in Federal Capital Territory (Abuja) but we will expand very soon to other parts of Nigeria.