Unemployment and poverty are some of the major problems facing the Nigerian society. Financing equipment for productive use is one the best ways to tackle this problem because the most affected are youths and graduates of tertiary institutions. Economic instability is the core reason for the mass unemployment and poverty.

To reduce the challenges faced by tailors and fashion designers in Nigeria, Winock is financing industrial tailoring equipment for tailors and fashion designers for productive use.

 As a financing company, Winock is committed to empowering tailors and fashion designers in Abuja. This empowerment is to equip tailors and fashion designers with the right industrial machines to be productive and self-dependent.

Industrial machines such as industrial sewing machine; industrial weaving machine; Heat transfer machine; Monogramming machine; Button Hole machine; leather sewing machine; over-locking machine; stoning steam press; tapping machine; cutting machine and many more industrial tailoring equipment are financed with the ease of flexible or instalment repayment plan

Financing these industrial machines for tailors and fashion designers in Abuja is to ensure that the right industrial machines are accessible and affordable to tailors and fashion designers in Abuja.

As a financing company, Winock realized that most tailors are unable to afford an outright purchase of industrial machines they need to be productive therefore Winock make installment purchases of industrial tailoring machines in Abuja available to Micro Businesses. Through the lease to own business model of Winock, tailors can get any industrial tailoring machines they need for as low as seven thousand naira processing fee and become an owner of the machine after a successful repayment of the total amount in fifty-two weeks tenure.

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