Takalafia is a remote farming village in Karu, Local Government Area of Nasarawa State. The community has no access to grid power as their only source of electricity is a petrol generator, which is not affordable and not easily accessible because the fuel station is many miles away with a deplorable access road. Even when they can reach the fuel station, not all residents can afford the cost of running a generating set at the high fuel price, not to mention the health hazard of the fumes from a working generator. This unique village is not known to many. As an equipment finance company with the mission to touch life where it matters most; to uplift micro-businesses by making it is easy for them to own equipment for productive use, Winock located Takalafia and financed this solar for a phone charger who is now making a difference, touching lives and putting food on his table.

The single most reliable source of power for the village is the solar power financed by Winock for a phone charger; which 65% of the villagers depend on to charge their mobile phones. With Winock solar finance, comes hope for the dwellers of Takalafia.