Case Study

Beneficiaries save up to 70% on their electricity cost and curb around 1.5kg of Co2 per kWh


Alhaja Borno owns a local restaurant in Apianway, on the outskirts of Abuja, where she serves hundreds of market occupants on a daily basis. Before switching to solar in 2017 through Winock’s lease to own model, she relied on petrol generators for light.

Alhaja Borno’s customers had to endure the noise from the generator and the exposure to petrol fume whilst eating at her restaurant. Furthermore, she spent most of her daily income on buying petrol and kerosene to enable her to operate at night.

In 2017, Winock provided Alhaja Borno with a 1kVA solar unit designed to run round the clock. Since becoming a beneficiary, her sales have gone up 500% as a result of the improved environment and longer opening hours and she saves 75% annually on electricity cost compared to using a petrol generator.

Alhaja Borno restaurant picture


Dan Zari is a tailor within his community. Because Nigerians are festive, Dan Zari’s business is one that is constantly in demand, however, for years he was not able to produce as much as he had the willingness and capacity to due to lack of stable electricity.

Dan Zari also owns a second tailoring shop within the community that is managed by his children.

Due to the cost of electricity, Dan Zari previously only operated his tailoring business during peak demand season such as Sallah and Christmas because he could charge customers more to be able to afford petrol for generator.

Winock installed a 1kVA unit for Dan Zari in 2018 and he now operates his business full time thereby significantly increasing his income and improving his family’s livelihood.

dan zari family picture


Sani, owner of S.N. Communication, a mobile phone charging kiosk located within a market in Abuja, contacted Winock in January 2017 to enquire about the Solar Lease to own model.

Sani charges over 300 phones a day and operates from 7am to 12 midnight daily.

Based on his load audit and opening hours, Winock’s engineers recommended the 1.5kVA option. Sani signed up with Winock and  saves N9,500 weekly on electricity cost, curbs 1.5kg of Co2 per kWh and has completely eliminated generator noise.

Sani is very happy with his decision to switch to solar and has referred over 30 beneficiaries to Winock.