Winock is delighted to announce the release of its new solar package Sure-power 120. This solar system will enable micro-businesses in Nigeria to enjoy up to 16 hours of uninterrupted electricity daily; Especially those with no access to reliable electricity in their businesses because they depend solely on fossil fuel to generate electricity.

Over 140 million people in Nigeria lack access to clean and affordable electricity. While many live off-grid, others live below the poverty level as such cannot afford the high cost of running petrol generators, not to mention the fumes emitted by the generated are toxic to human health and the environment.

Solar financing by Winock will drastically reduce the cost of running a generator and the estimated bill for electricity that is rarely available. Perhaps the most pertinent reason to install solar power is that it reduces the cost of electricity. Regular micro businesses in Nigeria spend up to N650, 000 monthly to run their generators because of zero or poor electricity supply. During fuel price hike, a number of micro-businesses in Nigeria spend more on electricity than what they generate, making them run at a loss. As the best equipment financing company in Nigeria, Winock is committed to financing solar for micro-businesses for productive use. Installing this solar power (sure power 120) will ultimately reduce electricity costs.

Through equipment leasing, Winock makes solar energy very accessible to all micro-businesses, and with the ease of a flexible payment plan, all micro-business owners are eligible for this solar lease to own model provided by Winock.

Sure power 120 is affordable and reliable as it especially designed by Winock limited to meet up the electricity need of micro-businesses such as provision stores, POS operators, and salons.

 This solar project finance as provided by the best solar energy company in Abuja, (Winock limited) comprises 3pcs 150W solar panels, 100Ah Gel battery, and 1KVA 12V pure sinewave solar Inverter. It can power appliances such as 2 bulbs, 1 wall-fan, 2 phones, 1 TV (32”) and decoder.

With solar energy, you produce your own electricity, so it takes away the anxiety associated with an incessant hike in fuel price, cost of servicing or replacing the generator, and estimated electricity bills.

As the best solar financing company in Nigeria, Winock’s financing is unsecured, hence the customer does not need to provide a guarantor or collateral to secure the solar loan and does not charge any penalty fee for default